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Intrexx Share

Intrexx Share

Corporate social network for safe communication between departments, subsidiaries and enterprise applications

Intrexx Share is an exciting new social business software to achieve a highly efficient network and exchange platform in the company. 

Many traditional intranets appear to be just messy filing for anything and everything. The initial benefits of an intranet, such as processing speed, transparency of information, ideas, and in consequence, cost savings,  increased competitiveness, and employee satisfaction, are not widely realised.

New social network Intrexx Share provides a completely new infrastructure that promotes sustainable knowledge management, unlimited exchange of internal company expertise, and a culture of constructive communication similar to the highly successful social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. All of the information comes together in one central location where each user has his tools to facilitate working together more quickly and effectively than ever before. Regardless of his physical location. 

Functions Functions

  • News and announcements
  • Contacts
  • Intelligent filters
  • Adverts
  • Portlets
  • Message board
  • Configuration
  • Communication board
  • Team rooms
  • Event management
  • Activity streams
  • Smart forms
  • Relationship viewer
  • Filebox

Key benefits Key benefits

  • Transparent team work
  • All data in on place in proper time
  • A single platform for all tasks
  • Successful project and sales management
  • Significant cost savings
  • Intuitive navigation like in Facebook or Twitter
  • Increased employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • Fewer routine meetings and work breaks

Free trial

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