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Aligning IT and Marketing teams

Why and How to Bring These Teams Together

Aligning IT and Marketing teams

IT and marketing. Once upon a time, the two could not have lived in more different worlds. Now, thanks to technological advances and sweeping changes in consumer behavior, IT and marketing must converge like never before. But just because these roles need to come together doesn’t mean that they are or that they are working together well.

Let’s take a look at why IT and marketing need each other, the best practices for aligning these two teams, and how cross-functional collaboration can benefit entire organizations.

The proliferation of software-as-a-service (SaaS) versus on-premise solutions has played a big part in shaping the IT function in recent years. Before SaaS, IT teams had much more on-premise infrastructure to manage and maintain. In many organizations, they now focus more on making software work better for the company, from evaluation to implementation to ongoing use. On the marketing side of things, digital and inbound marketing now rule the day, and data is the hottest commodity. This means that marketing is now powered by technology.

Marketing technology continues to flourish, with more than 5,000 solutions on the market today, and individual organizational marketing stacks continue to grow as businesses meet more and more of their marketing challenges with technology.

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