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Deltek maintains leader position in the 2017 Nucleus Research ERP Value Matrix

Deltek maintains leader position in the 2017 Nucleus Research ERP Value Matrix

Industry analysts recognize Deltek as a leading provider of ERP solutions in the market.

In this analyst report, Nucleus evaluates ERP vendors based on their product usability, functionality and the value that customers realize from the capabilities of the product.

The ERP market continues to change as cloud technology matures and vendors are focusing on delivering industry-specific capabilities of their key products. To improve their value proposition leading vendors are making their cloud offerings more extensible, giving customers the flexibility to which they are accustomed from their on-premise legacy systems.

General tendencies of the ERP market

  • Verticalization of the products. – Vendors, who have been working successfully with cloud technologies, are looking to diversify from the one-size-fits-all model, delivering more industry-specific capabilities out of the box.
  • Cloud technology investments. – Vendors continue ultimately investing in cloud technologies.
  • Enhancing capabilities of cloud solutions. – Providers are focused on delivering the functional depth in the cloud that their customers are accustomed to in their highly customizable on-premises environments.
  • Customers have a choice. – Providers let customers the right to choose on-premise or cloud due to that a fast shift to the clouds seems to be not realistic for many organisations.
  • Innovation investments. – Vendors are innovating to add the value they deliver to business and ensure that their customers have the latest business technologies such as Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and advanced analytics.

Deltek position in the ERP Value Matrix 2017

Deltek continues keeping a leader position in the current 2017 Value Matrix. Project-based business can hugely benefit from Deltek solutions including architecture, engineering and construction organisations, law firms, marketing agencies, professional services companies, property management companies. Deltek goes to market looking to support its customers at every step of the project lifecycle from proposal to completion.

The company has been investing in easing the transition to cloud versions of its products. Deltek developed cloud conversion programs that help customers move to the cloud from on-premises legacy deployments.

Nucleus Research analysts suggest that investments in user experience and a consolidated cloud offering would be the next steps for Deltek to further its value proposition.

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