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M-Files Benefits for GDPR Compliance

M-Files Benefits for GDPR Compliance

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change to European
data privacy regulations in 20 years. Replacing the outdated Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC
(DPD), GDPR aims to simplify and harmonise data privacy laws across Europe - giving EU citizens back control of their personal data.

M-Files is a proven, high performing content and process management platform for regulatory requirement management - and it fits perfectly to governing and managing GDPR requirements. This summary paper lists the features and capabilities that are relevant to GDPR compliance, be that either when:

  •  M-Files is used to assess and maintain an organization's GDPR compliance, or
  • when the M-Files system itself is used to store, access or process personal data


Comprehensive search capabilities allow discovering personal data or identifiers across vast collections of documents and data. With the introduction of the Intelligent Metadata Layer, or IML, such discovery capabilities are taken to a whole new level.

M-Files can connect to existing systems, enabling search and discovery of personal data across multiple systems, file shares, repositories and databases. There’s no need ever to migrate the documents or data into M-Files in order to discover and manage personal data.

The Intelligence services provide advanced natural language AI analysis that can help identify sensitive personal data, such as health information, home addresses etc. For example, M-Files user organization could use such capabilities to connect to an existing document repository and search for anything about a specific person or anything about a specific company, or crawl through the entire repository for any files that look like they contain sensitive personal information.

M-Files provides transparency through folder-less metadata architecture. For example, all the files, documents, emails and database records for a specific marketing campaign, some of which contain
personal data, are found connected to marketing campaign object itself.

There’s no need to find the full collection of personal data and documents related to a certain topic in different locations, folders and spreadsheets.

  •  M-Files provide unique Metadata-driven Automatic Permissions which greatly simplifies effective data control. The M-Files system can be configured to set exact correct permissions for each document and database record based on its current metadata properties. For example, an employee contract with sensitive personal details is automatically visible only to the employee in question, the employee's current line manager (not all the line managers), and the HR department. All permission actions on documents and data take place automatically and instantly, reducing both the manual burden and the probability of human error.

If you want to download the whole report, please fill in the registration form below and we will send it right away.

For more information and demonstration of M-Files, please contact us at +359 2 818 36 63 or info.bg@fts-eu.com



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