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M-Files Delivers Collaboration and Mobile Enhancements in New Release

M-Files 2015.2 Eliminates Sync when Sharing Files; Universal App for Windows 10 Unveiled

M-Files Delivers Collaboration and Mobile Enhancements in New Release

M-Files 2015.2 includes new features for bolstering collaboration, such as the ability for licensed users to share files from M-Files to external colleagues via secure hyperlinks. Links to shared documents can be easily deactivated and also be configured to expire on explicit days and times. This eliminates the need to sync with an external file sharing service by providing this capability in the core information management system.

The new release also features Microsoft Office Online Integration, which enables M-Files Web users to modify Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly in the browser window and without having to install the Desktop apps for Office.

The release of M-Files 2015.2 also includes the introduction of the M-Files Universal App for Windows 10. The M-Files Universal App for Windows 10 runs on all Windows 10 devices (PCs, tablets and smart phones) and can be downloaded for free from the Windows Store. In addition, M-Files 2015.2 also enables users of Android and iOS devices users to edit objects in offline mode, as well as easily configure metadata tooltips, descriptions, default values and property groups.

"Today's information workers need the ability to easily and securely collaborate and share files with colleagues inside and outside of their company, and the enhancements unvieled in M-Files 2015.2 enable them to do so while also ensuring organizations can retain strict control over their information assets," said Mika Javanainen, senior director of product management at M-Files Corporation. “M-Files 2015.2 incorporates the most compelling collaboration benefits of popular Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) applications like Box and Dropbox, but without the need to create an additional information silo and synchronize, which is required by these tools. By providing file sharing capabilities directly from the system of record, the risk of duplicate versions being saved in multiple locations is eliminated."

Additional new features and capabilities in M-Files 2015.2 include:

  • Speed and Performance: M-Files 2015.2 includes major performance improvements. File access in the cloud is now 75 percent faster, along with faster dynamic views and replication.
  • M-Files Web -- Hello Chrome Plugin, Goodbye Java: M-Files Web no longer requires Java, and there is now a new M-Files extension for Chrome.
  • Enhancements to Metadata Card Configurability: Dynamic text can now be added to default metadata values, significantly reducing the need for manual metadata entry.
  • Server Activity Monitor: The new Server Activity Monitor Dashboard provides admins with a real-time view into M-Files Server performance, active sessions and more.
  • M-Files 2015.2 is Now Available in 32 Languages (Korean, Serbian and Slovakian new).

If you would like to learn more about M-Files ECm, please contact us at +359 2 818 36 63 or info.bg@fts-eu.com


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