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Microsoft redefines business software with the release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 7

Microsoft redefines business software with the release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 7

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7; this latest version has an expected release of late 2015. AX 7 is an ERP solution that helps enterprises increase the speed of doing business. It enables people to make smarter decisions  with access to real-time insights and intelligence on nearly any device, anywhere. Microsoft has been slowly leaking information about the new product, presenting this first live preview at Convergence in Barcelona in December 2015. It is not yet known exactly the extent to which new features will be included in this upgrade, however the expectations are high. Therefore a preview of the key features that are expected to appear in Dynamics AX 7.

Cloud application: AX 7 is going to be a cloud-first application. It will be easier to use Dynamics globally across multiple devices.
Mobile access: This latest version will be available across a wide range of mobile devices, making it operational on nearly any modern smartphone or tablet. All operations and business data need to be available at any time and from any location.
Web-based client: AX 7 will be accessible through a web-based client instead of a Windows desktop client. It is no longer needed to install customized applications on every system and device, because any shared in user will be able to access the Dynamics database through a basic web browser.
Lifecycle Services Management: It is predicted that Microsoft is going to maintain and expand on the Lifecyle Services that are already in place, so that the reliability and quality of the Dynamics implementation will be improved.
HTML5 User experience: Dynamics AX t uses the HTML5 interface, which is designed to be lightweight and intuitive.
Software updates: An aspect of AX 7 will be receiving updates whenever necessary instead of re-releasing the entire software suite, which makes it easier to stay current since compatibility problems will no longer be an issue.
More flexible subscription-based licensing: The new model is more flexible allowing businesses to buy subscriptions to use Dynamics as needed and then cancel them later.

More information about AX 7?

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