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What are the top three reasons for choosing a relevant ERP solution for food industry?

Interview with William van Zweeden, Schouw Informatisering BV

What are the top three reasons for choosing a relevant ERP solution for food industry?

What are the most frequently asked questions from prospect customers?

There are many that we hear from customers and prospects. Here are a few:

  •          I am looking for a partner that understands my industry

We know the food industry with more than 300 customers worldwide in all different industries and typologies.

  •          I don’t want to work with separate applications anymore OR I want to grow but my accounting software does not allow me to

Small companies often start with an accounting solution + excel sheets. If they grow though, these solutions may not cater for their updated needs anymore.

  •          I need to comply with traceability requirements driven by the government and customers AND/OR I need to be able to respond quickly in case of recalls

Our quality module, as we have demonstrated it during the webinar that we did together, allows you to completely cover the process in case of a recall. By combining the functionality of different modules such as Non-Conformances, Quality Control and Inspection Status, together with all functionality that NAV provides out of the box, we create a very strong solution for the quality related requirements as well as national and international legislation.

What are the  top three reasons for choosing a relevant ERP solution for Food industry?

The most important reasons why companies select us are to some extend connected to the frequently asked questions above. That is why they contact us. And because we are able to give an answer to those questions, that is why most of our prospects actually sign up.

In addition, we, as Schouw, have completed each and every project that we started, which gave us a certain name in the industry. We always get the customer live.

So, customers come to us for three reasons:

  •          We know the food industry
  •          We have a product that matches their requirements
  •          We will finish the job, which they can verify with our customers

Food industry trends for 2017?

I can imagine there are differences between trends in the Netherlands and Bulgaria but there are definitely trends:

  •          Increase of ready-to-eat-food / convenience food

People will want to do more things with less time and therefore will want to have their food ready to be consumed instantly. In most of the Dutch supermarkets you can now buy ready-to-eat fruit bowls, fresh brewed fruit juices, ready to eat avocados and mangos. The line between supermarkets and restaurants is becoming thinner as some supermarkets have already opened sushi and pizza restaurants within supermarkets.

  •          Awareness of food quality / willing to pay for premium food

Although people have less time to cook and eat, there is a growing awareness about healthy food and food that has been grown in a proper way. Organic food used to be a niche market some years ago, but is really becoming mainstream now. Also, there is a growing difference between cooking throughout the week (fast and easy) and during the weekend (more time, better raw materials, more expensive).

  •          Adding extra distribution channels.

Many companies are adding business-to-consumer channels to their proposition that traditionally only consisted of business-to-business models. This changes their software needs as well (transport methods, sales ordering methods, webshops, apps).

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