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Webinar: M-Files Intelligent Information Management in 30 minutes

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Webinar: M-Files Intelligent Information Management in  30 minutes

M-Files is revolutionizing the EIM (Enterprise Information Management) industry with a whole new approach to managing data.

Core information management capabilities allow you to classify, organize, manage and secure information based on what something is instead of where it's stored, whether its related to documents and files or other objects like customers, projects, assignments, contracts, employees, orders, invoices and more. 

Your documents are stored in multiple systems? No worries!

The M-Files Intelligent Metadata Layer provides a simple interface that enables users to quickly access documents and other information regardless of the system in which they are stored. No migration required.

Webinar topics:

  • What is information management and the benefits for your organization?
  • How to organize your information and documents efficiently
  • How to get the most out of your data when it is scattered across different systems (ERP, CRM, SharePoint, OpenText, …), in emails, network folders, and on paper
  • How M-Files can help increase the efficiency of your key business processes like document management, contract management, project management, HR, or quality management

We will also give you a brief demonstration of the M-Files Information Management platform.

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  • AMMA Development
  • Glorient Investment BG
  • Engarde
  • Elmark Holding Group
  • Letnitza (Feldbacher Fruit Partners Bulgaria)
  • Kalikova & Associates
  • Edelman
  • ProStream group
  • Sika Bulgaria
  • JTI
  • TMF Services
  • ATM electronics