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5 Things Dynamics Marketers Should Prioritize in 2021

by Maria Pomerantseva, March 19, 2021

A well-built marketing strategy has always been an integral part of marketers’ work. Recently, however, marketers have been forced to adapt to the new “post-imaginary” reality and adapt to digital change: from rethinking carefully crafted marketing plans to moving to fully digital strategies and the use of new technologies.

Margaret Wise, Chief Growth Officer, ClickDimensions discussed the challenges marketers have faced over the past year and how to tackle the challenges of the today’s new business landscape. Let’s take a look at five key points to help you develop an effective marketing strategy that will attract customers and impact your bottom line.

1. Focused Tactics

According to a recent ClickDimensions survey, 99% of Dynamics marketers point to email marketing as the most impactful tactic supporting overall success. Other impactful tactics include content marketing, marketing analytics, events and campaign automation. Ultimately, marketing leaders should prioritize goal setting and determine the best tactics that support those goals.

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Aster department stores has long been known for delivering a first-class in-store customer experience. Aster uses emails, forms and landing pages within ClickDimensions to nurture Garden Club members with exclusive offers within the campaign automation – no HTML coding require. The company also utilizes ClickDimensions’ event integrations with Eventbrite, Cvent and other popular systems to manage Garden Club events.

2. Marketing Budget

With an abundance of tactics at a marketer’s fingertips, every marketing dollar must be thoughtfully allocated. This is especially true in 2021, as many organizations have faced pandemic-induced marketing budget cuts in the past year. This year, it is important to evaluate marketing budgets both realistically and carefully, while identifying the items that contribute directly to revenue. A few buckets to consider include marketing technology, lead generation, brand awareness and management, content creation, and website and e-commerce.

3. Team Integration

While sales and marketing have worked together over the years, it is no longer enough to be merely aligned. To thrive in a post-COVID era, sales and marketing must now become integrated. This means tools, tactics and technology must work together to drive revenue. According to MarketingProfs, organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing functions enjoy 36% higher customer retention rates. Additionally, sales and marketing alignment leads to 38% higher sales win rates.

Through integration, sales and marketing can work together to ensure revenue-driving efforts aren’t siloed and that a potential prospect is in the right place in the buying cycle.

In addition, it can be noted that the integration of the two teams influences changes in the organizational culture. For example, marketing creates communications for employees, and the IT department maintains a solution that implements them, such as an intranet.

4. Address Pain Points

Marketing teams today face a number of significant challenges, many of which have been exacerbated by the pandemic. By examining perceived pain points, marketers can address challenges head-on and create an action plan – albeit a fluid one. According to ClickDimensions users, the biggest pain points Dynamics marketers face include time (19%) and team skillsets (15%), while budget and integration in technology were both indicated by 12% of respondents.

5. Measuring Success

Marketing team goals provide significant insight into what matters most to businesses today, specifically organizational achievements rather than vanity metrics. That’s why it is vital to address KPIs when forming an effective marketing strategy to carry out the rest of the year.

First, start by determining the KPIs that are most relevant to your organization. At your organization, is the primary KPI the total number of leads generated? The number of marketing qualified or sales qualified leads? Maybe even the marketing percentage contribution to the sales pipeline? Whatever the KPI, make sure there is a reliable way to measure against it and track success.

For example, Springfield Sharks use ClickDimensions to increase renewals among season ticket holders. Using the ClickDimensions campaign automation builder, the Sharks marketing team created a nurture marketing campaign aimed at these loyal fans.

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Moving Forward!

Despite a 2020 filled with incomparable changes and challenges, marketers in 2021 can look ahead with a renewed sense of optimism about where the industry is heading. A thoughtful marketing strategy prioritizing these five elements can be the engine that drives future business achievements in the digital world.

Source photo: Sara Kurfeß, unsplash.com

Adapted by FTS Russia based on MS Dynamics World materials: https://msdynamicsworld.com/story/5-things-dynamics-marketers-should-prioritize-2021

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