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Cloud ERP for IT Companies

Webinar for IT companies

On March 15, 2022 from 14:00 to 15:00

It is time to move. Тime to Enable the Future of Work


1. Opportunities and challenges for IT companies

  • Which important aspects of the specifics of the work of IT companies can be implemented in Dynamics 365?
  • How to increase your focus on the development of new products and technologies – outsourcing of unusual tasks?
  • What stops your progressive growth?
  • Let us assist you throughout your management and planning processes in the complex economic environment.
  • Do you effectively manage your sales opportunities?

2. Why choose a cloud-based solution?

You get a number of benefits: data security and protection, elimination of infrastructure and system software costs, and much more.

3. Streamlining business processes

  • Supply management in an uncertain environment
  • Focus on project profitability
  • How to retain top talent at your company?
  • Time entry – Time sheets in integration with Office 365 and MS Teams
  • Optimizing teams’ workflow – ERP + CRM + DMS = synergistic system

4. Q&A – Don’t hesitate to enquire about all you might want to know



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