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Configure your systems with ease and connect third-party apps to Business Central

by FTS Bulgaria, October 1, 2021

In Business Central Online you can add additional applications to meet your specific business needs. These so-called add-ons are additional functionalities developed and built into Business Central. The applications are available in AppSource – an online store for Microsoft business solutions. Everything available on this portal has been certified by Microsoft. Working with AppSource is simple and user-friendly – you just download, install, view and use. Installation and operating instructions are available in the portal for each application.

There are currently over 500 apps in AppSource, and their number is increasing every day. A similar application is the Bulgarian localization for Business Central. Developed by FTS, it has undergone successful validation by Microsoft and has been available to AppSource users since September. The localization complies with all local legal and regulatory requirements.

You can find our product HERE.

In addition to the applications available in AppSource as your partner, we can also develop new functionalities for processes that are specific to your business or automate critical business operations. Microsoft’s new architecture and programming with extensions allow all of these individual applications to run in a seamless and failure-free manner in a single environment.

In the coming weeks we are going to publish a series of articles on the advantages of Dynamics 365 Business Central Online, which you can follow HERE:



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