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A&T Lawyers uses M-Files to optimize customer cases and contract management

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The ownership of the company was looking for a solution that makes it easier for employees to manage customer cases, from paper-based storage to digital processing. The second goal was to find a solution that would streamline contract approval processes.


Before the implementation of M-Files, lawyers and partners prepared and stored key documents on customer cases in hardcopy. After scanning, employees saved electronic copies to the network folders. Since there was no unified classification of documents and contracts, the search for the right one took a lot of time.

Employees approved contracts either in paper form or by e-mail, so it was difficult to control the process. The company was constantly faced with overdue approval tasks.

Employees regularly experienced problems with maintaining a database of potential and current customers, contacts and related communication. Employees used scattered Excel spreadsheets which were updated sporadically. Therefore, information quality was poor and prevented the efficient organization of meetings and negotiations.


The company needed an easy solution in configuring and use that combined contract management, document approval capabilities, and functionality for managing customer data.

The key factors in choosing the M-Files platform were ample opportunities for creating a single structured document repository and flexible classification of documents by projects, customers, and other properties. Important for the company was the provision of quick search and control of approval.


  • A unified classification and storage of all corporate documents with reference to projects and customers organizes all documents and coordinates the whole work of the company.
  • The automated process of document approval allows lawyers to devote more time to the analysis of customer cases.
  • Managing contacts, events and tasks allow you create and maintain a single database of potential and current customers, as well as view this data in various cuts (by country, industry, legal practice, responsible staff, income etc.)
  • Thanks to the integration with Microsoft Outlook, it is easier for employees to plan internal tasks and communications (meetings, calls, emails) related to projects.
  • The system helps employees with planning and registration of court hearings, and also maintains registers directories of judges and courts.
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About A&T Lawyers

The law firm A&T Lawyers founded in 1999 in Moscow, Russia, provides a wide range of legal and tax advice according to Western standards. The company represents interests of a wide range of foreign and Russian companies from various economy sectors.

M-Files offers a wide arsenal of functionalities that we use on a daily basis, ensuring confidentiality of customer documents and developing the company's operations. Moreover, M-Files simply integrates with other business applications, which is important for us.

Anna Oganesyan, Administrative Manager, A&T Lawyers

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