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BAND uses M-Files for easy information management and tracking accounting documents

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Accounting companies produce large amount of paper files and signed documents, which all need to be scanned, organized and managed. So these companies rely on efficiently managing and processing documents, moreover usually these companies has several offices in different locations.

The challenge / business need

The accounting company BAND needed a unified, centralized system that could manage and process all the invoices, letters of attorney, contracts, receipts, financial statements, reports, audit documentation, budgets and numerous other accounting documents. One of the requirements was the system to be easy and flexible so that the employees could learn to work with it within some weeks and with minimum efforts.

The solution

After evaluating several document management solutions, BAND has selected M-Files ECM and has been working with it since October 2012. M-Files eliminated the chaotic Windows folders with a flexible method of classifying and organizing documents by properties such as customer, document type, date, etc.


  • Easy management and tracking of important financial and accounting documents and information
  • Any type of financial document or information is supported
  • All documents are indexed and searchable for instant retrieval by properties such as customer, document type, date, etc.
  • Strict rules and control by the management regarding the utilization of the system and working with the documents
  • Unified organization and structure of the documents and information within the company
  • The information is entered just once but can be used many times by any user with the relevant level of access
  • Automated workflows with tasks generated on monthly basis to definite users that are in charge. Examples include tracking documents for review, submitting them for approval, filing them with state agencies, tracking due terms for the different documents, etc.
  • Short – term implementation, easy, user-friendly interface of the system


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About BAND

BAND Consulting and Management Ltd (BAND Ltd) was established in 2001 in Sofia, Bulgaria and during this time has experienced rapid growth. The company provides various services in different areas such as:

  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Double tax treaty
  • Corporate Finance
  • Re-organizations, Acquisitions & Mergers
  • Custom Clearance
  • Insurance
  • Legal advices
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