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Galen Analyzes Sales and Revenue Data with BI Solution from FTS Group

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Galen uses the Power BI solution developed by the FTS team to analyze data on planned and actual sales and revenue.


Before implementation, the company used 1C system for analytics, reporting with Excel and Power BI. Although the company’s employees have already worked with Power BI reports, they were poorly configured by a freelancer contractor, and the management was not content with the quality of the reports, their performance, and the level of analytics. The company wanted to refine the reports and was looking for a decent service provider. Galen’s management was satisfied with FTS’ cost, deadlines, and sample reports in Power BI.

The FTS team has set up BI reports on expected revenue, the implementation of the sales plan, and participation in customer tenders. BI reports process and output data from the 1C system and Excel files.


Users expressed complete satisfaction with the quality and performance of analytical reports.

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GALEN is a high-tech company, one of the largest distributors of equipment, consumables, and laboratory systems on the Russian IVD diagnostics market. The headquarters is located in Moscow, other locations include Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar in Russia.

The company specializes in the sales of goods and services, project activities, post-sale service, and methodological support for users.

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