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Imageland PR selected FTS Agency Solution for effective management


Imageland PR uses FTS Agency Solution based on the Deltek Maconomy ERP system for reporting, budgeting and planning of PR-agency projects.


Imageland Public Relations wanted to improve its organizational and management structure. For this purpose, the agency decided to implement an ERP system and set the following requirements for the system functionality:

  • Accounting of actual costs (direct and indirect) for projects, including labour costs;
  • Analyzing planned and actual costs and profits by projects, departments, employees, etc;
  • Structuring of project document storage in external files form;
  • Solving the problem of information and knowledge sharing within the company.

After reviewing various systems Imageland Public Relations executives made their choice in favour of the FTS Agency Solution.


The implementation of the FTS Agency Solution allowed Imageland PR to solve its main automation tasks. In addition, the agency noted the following improvements:

  • reducing errors due to automating management accounting;
  • easy document searching and access to a single database for the entire company;
  • increasing security of project documents and protection against unauthorized access;
  • creating a unified contact database of clients and contractors;
  • simplifying the process of planning and budgeting projects.
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Imageland PR Agency was founded in 1990. In 1999, the agency became an affiliated member of the Edelman international network, one of the five world PR leaders. Today, the agency has extensive capabilities to provide its services in 70 countries.

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