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Success Story

Indivision manages projects with a Deltek Maconomy based solution

Key metrics


projects completed in 2 years with the system


The advertising agency Indivision uses the project management module of Deltek Maconomy.


In 2006, INDIVISION recognized the need to overhaul its project management system. The company management evaluated various project management system offerings and chose the Deltek Maconomy project management module, which had already been used successfully in advertising agencies around the world.

However, the business processes at INDIVISION had some specifics, so a significant reworking of the software module was required.


After migrating to the new Deltek Maconomy software module, the agency noticed the following improvements:

  • significant optimisation of all management subsystems that support projects;
  • increase the transparency of document flow in the company;
  • improved quality of management accounting data.

In 2 years, Indivision implemented more than 10,000 projects with the new system.

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INDIVISION is a specialized advertising agency. The company’s core activities are based around the creation and implementation of creative advertising solutions.

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