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Success Story

M-Files Helps RTG Group Organize Work in 7 Offices in Europe and Asia

Key metrics


year of project implementation

by 50%

shortened the time for negotiating contracts


The company uses the M-Files ECM solution for managing internal documents and exchanging documents with counterparties electronically.


The expansion of the geographic presence of the company prompted management to rethink its global corporate information management strategy and inter-office communications. The lack of a unified archive of documents made internal communication difficult. Lengthy document approval workflows resulted in billing delays and lost profits. The electronic document management system where employees had worked before the M-Files’ implementation could not solve these problems.


Based on the results of the implementation, the company noted:

  • reduction of contract approval time by 50%;
  • reduction of invoice reconciliation time by 67%;
  • the period for preparing monthly reports shortened for five days;
  • improving the efficiency and convenience of employees.

Download the presentation with the description of the project: Implementation of M-Files in RTG Group


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RTG Group provides highly professional search and recruitment services for international clients operating in Europe and the Middle East in various industries.

The offices and branches of the company are in 7 countries of Europe and Asia.

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