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Telelink integrates M-Files ECM with ERP System to Expedite Invoice Processing

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Telelink is a leading system integration company in South-East Europe with proven experience, professional skills and in-depth knowledge in the areas of Wireless Networks, System Integration and Intelligent Facilities


The challenge/ business need

The rapid growth of the company and the scale of the projects that it works on have raised a lot of challenges for Telelink. One of the problems was that the Logistics department and the Accounting department were situated in two separate, distant offices so it took time (a few days) all the documents (like invoices, protocols, etc.) to reach the accounting department after the equipment was received and checked by the employees in the warehouse. This resulted in delays in the payment of invoices, missing information on time, mistakes due to manual entry of the papers, etc.

The solution

The solution is based on M-Files ECM system and is integrated with the ERP system that is implemented in Telelink-Deltek Maconomy ERP. Telelink has worked closely with the team of FTS to define the different workflows as well as the different type of the documents so that the process of uploading new documents into the system to be automated and optimized. Telelink started using M-Files since December 2011.


  • Reduced time for processing invoices and other papers
  • Quick, flexible access to files and data at any time
  • Improved collaboration and communication between the Logistics and Accounting departments
  • Strictly controlled access levels of all the users
  • All invoices reside in one centralized location
  • Reduced amount of the paper used for printing documents

The key factor for the success of M-Files implementation in Telelink is the strict organization in the company and the active participation of the key users working with M-Files.

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About Telelink

Telelink is established in 2001 and so far has proven a successful track record in some of the biggest ICT projects in the region. The company continues to confirm its ability to be the trusted, reliable and correct partner. Telelink has a strong presence in 7 countries in Central and SEE, best-of-class network integration competence, more than 700 employees & manage over 2000 subcontracted workforce as well as international team with comprehensive expertise.


We evaluated several other ECM systems and document management solutions, but M-Files stood out because of its ease-of-use, flexibility, automated import of scanned documents, and its ability to seamlessly integrate with our ERP system.

Tanya Krasteva, Project manager, Telelink

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