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Stockmann Analyzes Lease and Payment Metrics with BI Solution from FTS

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Stockmann uses the Power BI solution from FTS Group to track and analyze data on rental income, receivables, turnover, and shopping center traffic.


Before implementing analytics powered by Power BI, employees worked with reports in Excel. Generating reports manually in Excel was time-consuming. The FTS team demonstrated the reporting capabilities of Power BI using data from an enterprise ERP system, the management and key specialists positively engaged in the visualization capabilities and flexibility of the reports.

As part of the project, FTS specialists set up reports on the occupancy/ vacancy of retail space, income from rent and other services for tenants, accounts receivable, the dynamics of turnover and traffic in shopping centers. The analytics dashboards and reports consider data from the Deltek Maconomy ERP system and from the Intrexx web portal for interacting with tenants, previously developed by the FTS team.


Power BI reports are actively in everyday use by mid-level executives and top management of the company.

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Stockmann is a Finnish retail company and a chain of stores of the same name selling clothes and household goods with headquarters in Helsinki. Stockmann Group’s operating structure is divided into two divisions – Stockmann and Lindex.

The company has been founded in 1862 and has more than 700 stores in 16 countries around the world.

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