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30-days M-Files trial for companies working remotely

by Lilia Savchenkova, October 27, 2020

When working remotely became a trend and a part of our life, firstly it was just changing the place: from the office cubicle to the sofa and sharing memes about family-work balance. Then later time showed it was more about how to preserve efficiency, ensure data security and maintain quality of customer experience.

M-Files, the provider of the system for intelligent information management and document lifecycle management with the same name, offers a 30-days trial period for companies working remotely. Get started and test powerful M-Files solutions for distance workers thanks to its sharing capabilities, tasks control, and data security.

  • Access documents and information from anywhere

Allow employees to find, edit and share content no matter where it’s stored (ERP, CRM, network folders etc.) without the need for data migration.

  • Smooth collaboration and customer experience

Whether employees work in Outlook, Teams, Salesforce or other tools, let them access information right from that interface, with no duplicates, and easily collaborate on the documents and securely share data with internal and external stakeholders.

  • Secure information management

Manage information remotely while ensuring security with role-based, metadata-driven user and access rights, audit trails, federated authentication, enterprise file encryption in transit and at rest, intrusion detection, data loss prevention and high availability.

Know more about remote team productivity with M-Files and test M-Files for 30 days free here.

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Lilia Savchenkova

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