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Field Service

Optimize your field operations to deliver quality work

Short Overview

Deliver excellent onsite service

Leverage the power of predictive analytics and remote monitoring to move from a break-fix to a never-fail service model. Dynamics 365 for Field Service allows you to optimize scheduling and reallocate resources quickly. Empower your technicians to offer great field service with native mobile apps with real-time and offline data.


Get the right resources to the right place at the right time

Optimize your field service management. Organize people and equipment with flexible scheduling options to accommodate both customer service representative and dispatcher workflows—including more precise appointment scheduling—so it’s easy to fit more appointments into the day.

Increase customer satisfaction and account for all service revenue

Make it easier to manage and maintain the accuracy of service contracts and installed products across customers and locations using field service management software. With more visibility into contract information, you drive faster, more accurate billing while helping field service teams identify new sales opportunities to drive additional revenue.

Put your customers at the center of every interaction

Deliver an end-to-end customer-centric experience. With Dynamics 365, field service companies can keep customers informed, make communication easier, and ensure they have positive interactions at every step of the service chain.

Improve field processes and technician productivity

Provide native mobile applications with real-time and offline data. No matter which device they use, your technicians can view the customer information and guidance they need when they need it.

Offer your tecnicians a full 360-degree view of customer and case history

Improve work consistency and first-time fix rates by offering technicians step-by-step guidance. Provide mobile workers with a multi day calendar of work order details that can be dynamically changed and managed. Link work orders to customer and case history, product configuration installations, parts information, and pricing

Provide native mobile applications with real-time and offline data.

Link work orders to customer and case history, product configuration installations, parts information, and pricing


Automatically create and schedule work orders

Dispatch technicians with the right skill sets and equipment, and enable them to access customer information from their mobile devices.

Automate scheduling to fit in more appointments

Empower dispatchers to manage resource assignments across multiple work orders using an interactive, drag-and-drop schedule board.

Ensure on-time appointments

Giving technicians real-time data on their mobile devices, including best routes, turn-by-turn directions, and work order details.

Build customer trust with a more transparent customer service experience

Empower customers with an interface that makes it easy for them to self-schedule appointments and keep track of service activities.

Empower technicians with state-of-the-art technology such as mixed reality video calling, annotations, and file sharing

Solve complex problems faster with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on HoloLens devices. Technicians stay heads-up and hands-free while sharing what they see with remote experts.

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