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LS Central

A unified software solution for retail trade in stores and retail chains combining ERP and Point of Sale (POS).

Short Overview

LS Central is a complete all-in-one retail software that extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central /an ERP system suitable for small and medium-sized businesses/. The two business systems work as a single software, with a common environment.

With the help of the business solution, you get a comprehensive view of finance, sales, store operations, warehouse and supply chain management, inventory, e-commerce, human resources and customer management. Also, the system allows connection with fiscal and barcode printers, electronic scales, mobile computers and barcode scanners.

LS Central is available as Software as a Service (SaaS), hosted in the highly secure and reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud – this ensures you always have the latest version of the business solution, as well as the option to work offline – even when your internet connection goes down.


The most commonly used POS system for managing store operations

Installed in more than 90,000 commercial establishments (shops, restaurants, pharmacies, gas stations, etc.) in over 140 countries worldwide. #1 vertical solution for upgrading Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems. The system is available in multiple languages and allows working with different currencies. FTS Bulgaria offers a complete localization package for Bulgaria.

Access to information and functionality for each position/role

LS Central allows you to make changes and set restrictions – exactly which information each employee can see based on their user role and permission level.

Control over business processes and key information

Track where stock is across the supply chain, create ad-hoc reports, manage prices, products, offers and campaigns, predict demand with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Grow sales /online and offline/

Create omni-channel loyalty programs that drive returns, build effective campaigns and offers, offer highly personalized deals and promotions.

Keep up with consumers

Offer secure, contactless payments, options for self-service shopping and checkout, easily exchanging and returning products online, providing consultations and personalized services.

Reduce cost and maximize revenue

Eliminate the inefficiencies and complexity that come with using multiple software solutions.


Manage online and physical stores

Manage your business with one platform – overall view of sales, inventory, prices, campaigns and offers, both for physical and online stores..

Information optimization

There is no need to waste hours searching for information in various databases because the information you require is just one click away.

Unify industries and brands

Manage all your businesses in your portfolio (retail, food, events) within one business solution.

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