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M-Files for Client Collaboration

Collaborate with customers more efficiently and securely

Short Overview

The solution based on M-Files and Hubshare allows you to create branded portals and special digital spaces for customer collaboration, information exchange and centralized secure storage of customer and project documents with external access.

The portals easily integrate into current workflows and can be flexibly configured for customers. With such a workspace, customer communication is to be displayed in a single view with access to all relevant files. Customers collaborate with company employees without double requests, since all steps, actions, processes, responsible roles and related documents are to be found in the system.

Unlike typical portal solutions for document storage based on file synchronization, where information has to be copied from the enterprise content storage, M-Files offers a secure and integrated solution for internal and external collaboration without data duplication.

You can manage portals for every client on a single panel, which is customizable with the user’s requirements and helps to maintain order in communication flows. The number of customer portals is not limited.

Benefits for Business

Improved service quality

Since employees quickly respond to requests, don't lose documents and messages, the communication history keeps in place, customer satisfaction increases, customer experience and loyalty improve.

Reduced costs and time saving

Employees need less time to prepare documents for the customers. Not only key employees save working time, but also the client side.

Increased employee productivity

Project managers and key employees manage all projects and clients in a single view, even if there are many. Additional integration with collaboration tools helps to improve the productivity of every employee.

Faster user on-boarding and training

You can create portals with the drag-and-drop builder, which is easy to use. Employees can be quickly trained to migrate processes and working steps to the customer portal.

Increased productivity of project teams

With the solution, it is possible to unite internal project teams through the intranet and provide a separate space for internal collaboration.

Improved security of file sharing

External access to information on the portals is secure by various technologies. With encryption and access rights, the risks of losing documents and leaking critical information are minor.


Sharing documents

The users share files directly on the portal without any attachments in email and duplicates. Physically, the document always resides in the storage, and the customer and employees work with the latest version. The document can be access on the link. The files can be shared both with the colleagues and third parties.

Co-authoring documents

When employees collaborate on projects, several team members can participate in the creation and editing of a single document. M-Files enables a new level of efficiency with real-time co-authoring with Microsoft Office applications.

Autosaving documents

The co-editing feature automatically saves changes. A new document version has to be created after checking-out and checking-in of the file. Autosave feature in M-Files is neutral to the file storage, whether it is OneDrive or SharePoint.

Automatic access permissions

Automatic access permissions ensure that certain responsible persons have access to certain content.

Desktop and web access

Users can work with portals both in the M-Files desktop application and in the web client in a browser.

Extensive integration options

You can extend the customer portals with the additional functionality through integration with various applications for personal productivity and collaboration.

Centralization of large data amount

The company can centralize large data amounts on clients and projects on a single secure platform.

Two-way communication

Not only internal project teams can initiate the communication, but external users can submit inquires, send files to the portal and exchange data.

Improve customer experience and respond faster!

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