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ClickDimensions — Marketing for MS Dynamics 365

Marketers today operate in a world where the number of marketing solutions is overwhelming, the tools they need to succeed are either too expensive or too complex, and the skillsets required to do it all and do it right are rarely found in a single marketing team.

The ClickDimensions marketing platform, natively built within Microsoft Dynamics, solves those challenges by offering a single unified marketing, analytics and services platform that allows you to leverage these tools to their full potential while driving continual improvement in your marketing results – all provided at the best value in the market.

ClickDimensions is the only marketing automation platform that is exclusively created for and natively built in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our solution brings together essential marketing tools to help organizations attract more leads, close more sales and more effectively engage customers – all from the comfort of Dynamics 365.

ClickDimensions has the following functionality:

  • Email Marketing
  • Web Tracking
  • Lead Scoring
  • Social Discovery
  • Form Capture
  • Surveys
  • Landing Pages
  • Nurture Marketing
  • Subscription Management
  • Campaign Tracking

To help you learn more about ClickDimensions’ capabilities, the company has prepared a brochure outlining the key features of its marketing automation solution in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The brochure will be useful for business executives, marketing managers and other key marketing personnel of companies using Dynamics CRM who would like to streamline its efficiency.

Download the brochure to learn about features of ClickDimensions