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M-Files Case Study: A&T Lawyers

Read how the law firm uses M-Files to optimize customer cases and contract management

  • Why the law firm chooses M-Files for managing customer cases and approving contracts?
  • What were prerequisites for implementation project?
  • What benefits the company got afterwards?



Detailed overview

The law firm A&T Lawyers was founded in 1999 in Moscow, Russia. The firm provides a wide range of legal and tax advice according to Western standards.

The ownership of the company searched for a solution to make employees easier managing customer cases going from hardcopy storing to processing them digitally. The second goal was to find a solution that would optimize approval processes for contracts.

The selection procedure resulted in M-Files implementation. As it combined an easy solution in configuring and use, contract management functionalities, document approval capabilities, and features for managing customer data. Moreover, the system provided various integrations to existing corporate business applications and an easy-to-grasp interface for end-users.