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Talent, Transformation, and Growth: Creative Agencies in 2022

After another turbulent year, how have creative agencies evolved to meet the current challenges, and what are their top priorities for the year ahead?

In collaboration with Campaign Magazine, experts from Deltek surveyed around 200 agency professionals across the globe. The results of the survey have provided valuable insights into what really matters to your peers. From talent, transformation and future growth, this report outlines the key trends set to shape the industry this year.

Interesting fact: 57% of global creative agencies are feeling optimistic about the future.

According to the report, there are four most important trends for agencies in this year: talent wars, ingrowing profit margins, busting the budget, digital delays.

Top takeaways from the report:

  • identify your talent gaps;
  • ensure you’re acting on data insights;
  • don’t fall behind digitally.

Read the report and know how to overcome these challenges, increase profitability and improve performance.