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Top 10 Critical Consulting Moves for 2021

According to a recent study by The Hinge Research Institute, clients rate the importance of consulting services 33% higher than in the past. Therefore, new opportunities are opening up for consulting companies. Learn about the key measures to help you succeed in the new market from Deltek’s checklist.

Professional services firms have been able to move forward in recent months, quickly making the business adjustments needed to forge ahead into the unknown. You’ve adapted business and service models to the market’s whims. You run revised, all-digital sales and marketing cycles. You’ve innovated every day to deliver top-quality projects, uncover new client value and deepen entirely screen-based client relationships.

Now it’s crucial to align adjusted plans with a slightly revised set of long-term goals, which still includes delivering superior services and projects, the best talent, charted profitability and ongoing expansion.

In this paper, you’ll find new business-as-usual practices and directions of your consultancy’s long-term aspirations – with practical guidance for success, and the confidence to win.

Download the checklist and compare where you’re moving. 

Picture for a checklist for consulting firms from experts of Professional Services Automation with 10 critical actions in the new market of 2021

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