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Advertising and PR Agencies

Tired of manual processes and lack of overview? Optimize the management of your jobs all the way from start to finish.

In order to be sure about the effectiveness of your business processes it is extremely important that your IT system is tailored according to your specific requirements. The selection of a new IT solution is a key decision to make for every advertising or PR agency. Technology changes will center on three key areas: data and analytics, systems integration, and sales force automation.

The agency solution delivered by FTS has integrated all the knowledge and experience about this industry. Our long-term experience with advertising and PR agencies has given us in-depth knowledge of business and enabled us to give you expert advice on how to manage and improve your business processes.
It is good to have one trusted partner that can manage the systems and technologies that you need.

FTS provides intelligent software solutions to digitally support all aspects of advertising and PR businesses.

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Key challenges

Reinventing the bid process for new clients

Master jobs within the budget and according to the time in the contract

Manage the resources effectively

Lower margins and procurement pressures

Managing information across the organization

Who is this for?

Advertising agencies

PR agencies

Marketing communication agencies


Effective account management

Fast and easy time tracking

Detailed cost estimation

Job planning & costing

Reporting and Business Intelligence

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