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M-Files PFM

Streamline your procurement with automated processes!

Short Overview

M-Files for Purchase Management has been designed to coordinate documents and manage the process of purchasing goods or services for internal needs of organizations.

M-Files Purchase Management integrates with any accounting systems (Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Deltek Maconomy, etc.) and can be used to ensure the coordination of electronic documents created in enterprise systems and corporate document management systems.

The system allows you to set up any approval processes, supports automatic task generation to be performed by responsible employees, and notifications by email. Employees can work with full access through any device, be it desktop, laptop computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Benefits for Business

Time savings

The system allows employees to reduce manual operations with paper documents.

Improved costs control

Before spending, all expenses have to be approved in the system; you can also launch an automatic budget verification.

Improved efficiency

Automated document approval process and automatic generation of procurement documents increase overall work efficiency.

Reduced costs

You can form a register of approved suppliers and launch the tender process for selecting suppliers. The approval process of expenses is mandatory and launches automatically.

Compliance with regulations

You can set up procurement approval processes and create procurement document templates in accordance with corporate standards. Managers get control over compliance with the rules and a complete history of purchase actions and approvals.


Registration and approval of suppliers

Creation of orders and applications

You can create purchase orders and requests for payment with reference to cost centers, budget items, and approve them by authorized persons.

Selecting suppliers

You can launch a tender procedure and manage the process of selecting the best supplier.

Creation and approval of contracts

Purchasing history archive

Employees can view the history of purchase orders, quotes, contracts, and approvals.


You can view statistics and create reports on purchases and payments.

Manage and approve your purchases efficiently!

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