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M-Files for Purchase Flow Management

A powerful document and process automation solution for effective purchase flow management.

Streamline your procurement with automated workflows.

Short Overview

  • Optimize your purchasing with automated workflows

Set up any approval processes with automated generation of assignments for reviewers, approvers and other participants. Every time the status changes or comments are added, they will be notified by email. Quickly launch the requests for purchases, shorten approval cycles and arrange needed payments to receive supplies and services faster.

Employees can work with full access to approval cycles through any device, including on the go.

  • Reduce the costs and keep track of spending

By evaluating suppliers in advance, establishing many control points while processing, budgeting approvals, the organization can significantly reduce purchasing costs and increase quality. With access to purchasing history, you can analyse saved finances and spending.

  • Combine all purchasing documents and data across systems

M-Files for Purchase Management integrates with any accounting systems (Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, etc.) and can be used to ensure the coordination of electronic documents created in enterprise systems and corporate document management systems.

Benefits You Will Get

Increased operations excellence

  • Document creation with pre-approved templates

  • Automated generation of procurement documents

  • Reduced length of approval cycles

Improved work quality

  • Reduced manual operations with paper documents

  • Less time on searching for files and right versions

  • Less time on repetitive tasks

Full corporate compliance

  • Document templates and processes in accordance with the corporate standards

  • Complete history of purchasing actions and approvals

  • Automated control of processes

Reduced bottom-line costs

  • Mandatory purchasing expense authorization

  • Automated budget verification

Improved expense control

  • Automated control of expense approval

  • More control points and rules

Increased quality of suppliers

  • Register of approved suppliers

  • Tender procedures for selecting suppliers


Automated Approval Workflows

– Set up any approval process for purchase orders, contracts, and payment applications

– Create and approve documents with reference to cost centers and budget items

– Create assignments for reviewers and approval requests with notifications

Purchasing History

– View the history of purchase orders, quotes, contracts, actions and approvals

– Compare revisions and track changes

– View the length of approval cycles

Mobile and Remote Work

– Access purchasing documents from desktop and laptop, tablet and smartphone

– Full-featured mobile access to approval processes

– Offline-access mode available

Selecting Suppliers

– Launch a tender procedure and manage the process of selecting suppliers

– Register and approve suppliers

Budget Controls

– Protection from overspending

– Set up budgeting approval workflows

Reporting and Analytics

– View statistics and create reports on purchases and payments

– Analyse cost-savings

Full Integration

– Combine data across business systems and applications

– Integration with accounting systems

Compliance and Control

– Consistent work due to a full audit history and version control of documents

– Only authorized users have access to specific data

Data Protection and Permissions

– Control access points in the approval cycles with user rights and permissions

– Simple setup and administration

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