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M-Files for Document and Information Management

A leading platform in meta-data driven document management.
Manage documents better and find the right information at the right time.

Short Overview

  • Connect all information across your applications and repositories

Let you accelerate digital transformation by breaking down silos in separate applications, systems, and repositories. Improve security, processing, and managing data and content, be it documents, images, emails, customer information, or other information objects.

  • Optimize your work with documents through metadata

The M-Files platform enables employees to instantly find the right information and documents in any context. Every piece of content and documents receive intuitive metadata tags. The metadata tags help users find what they need, regardless of where it is stored.

  • Manage document centric processes more productively and securely

M-Files increases productivity and improves work quality by making information easy to find and use. The system helps to automate business processes, and enforce information control.

  • Choose from multiple options of integrations, add-ons and services

For different use cases, many configurations of M-Files and industry tailored solutions are available. You can configure contract approvals, electronic document exchange with suppliers and customers, or even automate single document-centric processes, such as purchasing.

Benefits You Will Get

Improved work quality and increased productivity

  • Faster and easier operations

  • Saving time for searching for files and right versions of documents

  • Increased customer satisfaction from faster service

Increased consistency and reduced errors

  • Workflow automation

  • Automation of document categorization and indexing

  • Document creation using templates

Reduced business risks and compliance

  • The system allows users to more quickly meet audit and compliance requirements

  • Immediate access to critical information related to audits and inspections

ROI of 200% and more

  • Faster simpler implementation in clicks, not code

  • Enhanced process and information control without requiring data migration

  • Low cost of initial entry and fast time to value

Improved visibility

  • Documents and data unified in a single view

  • Everyone collaborates on the current and full information

Agility and mobility of work

  • Access to documents and files anytime, anywhere, and with any device

  • Agility throughout your business processes, even if you're offline


Content Organization with Metadata

– Search documents in context without duplication of files

– Manage files no matter where they are stored with metadata tags

Personalized Views

– Personalized views mimic traditional folders

– View and organize content with dynamic views

Enterprise Search

– Search for information in any system or repository

– Search for documents using keywords with word forms in 32 languages

Intelligent Services

– Automated document indexing and classification with text analytics and machine learning

– AI scans existing documents to automatically tag metadata

– Discover dark data through AI scanning of legacy data

Single Point of Access

– Use one interface to access all files and M-Files as a built-in option

– Choose your single interface be of M-Files, Office 365, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Google G Suite or Salesforce

Automated Workflows

– Set up workflows with sequence of actions, deadlines and responsibles

– Initiate and receive automatic notifications of assigned, completed and expired tasks

– Approve documents with electronic signature

Compliance and Control

– Consistent work due to a full audit history and version control of documents

– With permission controls, only authorized users have access to specific data

Collaboration and Remote Work

– Edit shared documents, see the changes and the authors

– Use full-featured mobile apps

– Use collaborative workspace for communication with customers


– Get market-leading access control, authentication and file encryption

– Data is protected with intrusion detection, data loss prevention and high availability

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