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Project Resources

From our long-year experience working on projects from different industries and sizes, we have noticed that it is often a strategy, especially when the projects are large, companies to run deployment projects internally, and to rely less on an established partner. But is this the winning strategy?
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But you must be sure that your existing business and IT specialists can skill-up to the right levels in the necessary time, can you? Regardless of your business solution, your chosen timeframes, or your available budget, the people that make up the project team will make or break the success of the project.

There is now an availability for the companies to hire a specialist resource for the required time. Most successful projects seem to have one thing in common; the company has managed a careful blend of skillful internal personnel that have specialist knowledge of the business, together with specialist Dynamics 365 / Dynamics AX.  And that is where we can help-by providing different skilled experts from our team.

No matter how good your internal team is, it will always help for them to be supervised and supported by experienced professionals.

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Why to choose FTS?


We have more than 25 years experience and expertise in adapting leading technology solutions to accelerate the business growth of our customers.


We are a trusted partner and create relationships that make a huge positive difference in our customers’ lives.


We work only with the leading and high-quality business applications based on the cutting-edge technologies.


In this world of rapid change, we strive to be an early technology adopter, so that we can provide the best solutions for the success of our customers.

You are about to start a large business solution project and you need skilled professionals? Let us help!

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