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A Complete Software Solution for Agriculture and Agribusiness

FTS offers a flexible software solution for agribusiness. It helps automate your business processes and serves as a single source of information for all specific activities from sow planning to accounting for finished product and its warehousing and storage.

We have been working successfully with agricultural companies for more than 8 years. This gives us in-depth knowledge of the business and allows us to provide expert advice on the implementation of business software. It is recommended that you have a trusted partner to manage the systems and technology you need.

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Key challenges

Effective resource management

Availability of sufficient up-to-date and accurate information to facilitate making the right decisions

Working with documents and information stored in different locations and in different systems

Who is this for?

Agricultural companies with main activity in crop and animal production, agriculture, etc.


Tracking and analysis of costs and input materials per unit of production

Comparison of costs against quantities produced

A single system for tracking both the specific agricultural activities and the resulting financial information

Better communication between different teams

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