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FTS Accounting Solution

An integrated system solution for managing the accountability of clients of accounting firms.

Short Overview

FTS Accounting Solution is an integrated business management solution for companies that are clients of financial accounting firms. The solution helps accounting firms effectively manage the work with clients and fixed assets, companies, estimates and budget planning.

The IT solution also helps accounting firms analyze key indicators, track business trends and plan results.


Improving customer service quality

Fast and timely customer service while providing daily information.

Higher efficiency

Capability of working with many companies.

Automation of business processes

Automation of banking, sending e-mails with statements and reports, verification of VAT number, etc.


Keeping up with consumers

Availability of an unlimited number of analytics and an easy-to-set up chart of accounts.

Effective financial management

Defining budgets and cash flows.

Fixed assets

Working with fixed assets.

Transparency of processes

VAT and INTRASTAT reporting - VAT ledgers and declarations.

Optimizing the work with customers and vendors

Use of electronic banking when reporting of customer and vendor estimates.

Automation of business processes

Automation of the allocation of deferred expenses, creating periodically recurring operations.

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