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Find new leads and retain loyal customers with ease. Providing comprehensive functionalities for marketing automation, ClickDimensions allows organizations to discover who is interested in their products, quantify their level of interest and take the appropriate actions – all that staying in the Dynamics 365.

Short Overview

ClickDimensions is the only marketing automation platform that is exclusively created for and natively built in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

This solution brings together essential marketing tools to help organizations attract more leads, close more sales and more effectively engage customers – all from the comfort of Dynamics 365.

Benefits for Business

Aligning marketing and sales

With ClickDimensions, your marketing and sales people will easily trace each other's impact and efficiently unite efforts in attracting leads and closing deals.

Visibility for marketing ROI

Many useful KPIs of campaigns in ClickDimensions allow you to increase visibility for ROI in marketing, considering all channels and a multi-touch sales cycle.

Unified control of multichannel marketing

Get the unified experience of managing several marketing channels on a single platform and save time for your marketing team.

Deeper insights into marketing results

With reporting tools and analytics in ClickDimensions, you can find multiple insights into marketing campaigns to use them for further marketing decisions.

Maximizing your Dynamics 365 experience

Expand the CRM functionalities of Dynamics 365 and ensure success for marketers with marketing automation from natively built-in ClickDimensions.


Email marketing

Creating, sending and tracking great-looking emails is quick and easy. You can send emails in bulk, to individuals or via a CRM workflow. And all your performance statistics come back into Dynamics 365 so the results are visible and actionable.

Campaign automation

Create automated campaigns that respond to lead or customer actions for dynamic, customized experiences. With our campaign automation builder’s drag-and-drop interface, it’s easy to design targeted campaigns with a variety of triggers, timers and actions to nurture, convert and engage your audiences.

Event Management

Want to see which prospects and customers are attending your events? ClickDimensions integrates with GoToWebinar, WebEx, Cvent and Eventbrite to bring event registration and attendee information automatically into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


ClickDimensions makes it easy to create surveys with our drag-and-drop survey designer. Surveys can be emailed to leads, contacts and accounts, and even linked to case records. All of the data the visitor submits is linked to their CRM record.

Web Intelligence

Interested in knowing who is browsing your website and what interests them? ClickDimensions allows you to do all this and more with web intelligence that lets you view the actual web activity of anonymous and identified visitors on your site.

Web Forms

Quickly build forms with our drag and drop form designer, or integrate your website’s existing forms into Microsoft Dynamics 365. If an existing record isn’t found in your CRM, a lead or contact record is created upon form submission and all data submitted is linked to the CRM record.

Landing Pages

ClickDimensions allows marketers to create landing pages in Dynamics 365 without knowing any HTML. Embed ClickDimensions forms or surveys in your landing pages for dynamic, interactive campaigns, and track all your landing page activity in CRM.

Social Marketing

With ClickDimensions, you can post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ directly from Dynamics 365. Publish immediately or conveniently schedule posts for any day or time in the future, and track interactions inside your CRM. In addition to these out-of-the-box features, we also offer a complete social engagement platform with social listening, content curation, advocacy and more.

Lead Scoring

Quickly and easily determine which leads to pursue. Using lead scoring in ClickDimensions, each visitor to your website accumulates a score based on visits, page views and more. Scoring is based on values you set, so you can score certain activities or page views higher or lower based on their importance in showing visitor intent.


Expand your marketing communications beyond email. With ClickDimensions SMS messaging, send text messages to your leads and contacts. Text messages can be sent in bulk or from Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflow.


With ClickDimensions’ native integration with Dynamics 365, you can link emails, web visits, page views and form captures directly to CRM campaign records. The ClickDimensions content pack for Power BI allows users to utilize ClickDimensions marketing data in Power BI, giving you further insight into the success of sales and marketing efforts.

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