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Deltek Agency Solution

Easily manage resources and costs on jobs and analyze client and job profitability

Short Overview

Deltek Agency Solution helps marketing communication agencies manage clients, jobs, resources, finances and document flows.

With Deltek Agency Solution, you can deliver better business results, achieve higher margins and make work more enjoyable for the entire agency team.

The agency automation solution by FTS is based upon the Deltek Maconomy ERP-system and the M-Files ECM-system combining best features of both systems for agencies’ needs.

Benefits for Business

Improved finance management

Higher accuracy and efficiency of jobs' cost and revenue accounting, client billing and receivables control

Saved time and costs

Reduction of time and labour costs for processing invoices and generating reports

Increased visibility of processes

Providing managers of all levels with the required financial and management information on clients and jobs

Increased transparency of work

More transparency on the utilization of agency's own personnel and subcontractors, on job deadlines and costs

Increased efficiency

Employees don't spend valuable time searching different systems for documents and information related to clients and jobs

Increased job profitability

With all the job data collected in one system, you can easily forecast profitability, and the full time tracking together with the tight cost control will help increase your margins


Job Opportunities

Job Budgets

Weekly & Daily Timesheets

Job Planning

Client Cost Estimates

Job Invoicing

Cash Collection & Accounts Receivable

Revenue & Profitability Analysis

Job Document Flow

Who is this for?

Marketing Agencies

PR Agencies

Communication Agencies

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Why agencies choose the FTS Agency Solution?

    • The key reason is the industry orientation of the solution which has been developed with agencies’ challenges, requirements, and needs in mind.
    • The second reason is the extensive experience of the service provider, the FTS team, in implementing the solution in MarCom agencies.

    What advantages do agencies note after a certain period of use of the implemented FTS Agency Solution?

    First of all, agencies note the fast access to all the necessary information about jobs in real time, the more efficient planning of employees ‘ work, and the clear tracking of job time and costs.