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Nowadays the retail companies are facing numerous challenges. In order to succeed they must balance carefully between reducing the investments in inventory levels and supporting enough inventory in the warehouse, between improving the customer service and the labor costs, between the reducing of the operational costs and the development of new divisions.
The main concept of Microsoft Dynamics about the retail is focused on user-friendly interface, good relationships with the customers and the suppliers, implementation of innovations and more opportunities for the companies to choose how they can use the solutions in their business.
Our long-term experience with retail companies has given us in-depth knowledge of business and enabled us to give you expert advice on how to manage and improve your business processes.
It is good to have one trusted partner that can manage the systems and technologies that you need.
FTS provides intelligent software solutions to digitally support all aspects of retail industry businesses.

FTS has many years of experience in helping retail companies be more successful. What we offer is based on a clear methodology, on detailed knowledge of the processes in the industry.
Our business applications experts would be pleased to advise you about the opportunities of modern technologies. Then we can discuss how your company can benefit from our digital solutions.

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Key challenges

The customers have ongoing increasing expectations for seamless experience

The customer loyalty is a fragile feature

Segregated, clumsy, costly marketing campaigns

Lack of 360-degree-view on all the data from the different channels

Who is this for?

International retail chains


Small, medium and large stores


Better warehouse management and different merchandising solutions

More complex transactions, even with discount coupons and special offers

More knowledge about the profitability by items, departments, stores

Quick response to the changes in the purchasing behavior of the customers

Better pricing of the items, based on facts

Better customer service

Opportunity for analyses in real time of the data from the different channels

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