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M-Files for Contract Lifecycle Management

A comprehensive contract management solution with intelligent automation from drafting through approval to archival.

Accelerate your contract lifecycle and speed up your business performance.

Short Overview

  • Make it faster and easier for employees to find, access and edit contracts

M-Files allows organizations to maintain, track and view contracts through any related information, such as the customer account object in a company’s CRM system. By tagging documents with contextual information, employees can view information related to contracts, such as client, project, property, employee, etc. Contracts can be searched, viewed and managed on any device.

  • Automate and streamline contract review and approval processes

Create business rules and processes that route tasks between people and technology. Workflow automation increases the level of consistency of the actual work performed throughout the entire lifecycle stage of a document, resulting in a faster, more accurate experience for your business.

Automated and trackable workflows eliminate bottlenecks and reduce the length of drafting, negotiation and approval cycles, assuring revenue comes in faster.

  • Ensure contract milestones are not missed

Standardized templates of contracts and a consistent process reduce exposure to risk. M-Files ensures that key contract milestones are monitored and acted upon according to contract terms and due dates by automatically notifying contract managers when a contract is close to expiration, a milestone has been reached or when an obligation needs to be met.

Benefits You Will Get

Eased collaborative work with contracts

  • Employees work with the latest contract version for approval

  • Collaboration tools speed up the negotiation process

  • Easy content sharing with external parties

Accelerated contract-related processes

  • Automated control of contract approval

  • Simplified review and approval cycles without bottlenecks

  • Reduced length of approval cycles

Reduced risks and revenue losses

  • No lost deals and penalties due to mismanagement of key due dates and terms

  • Sales and support teams are aware of negotiated prices and delivery terms

Full visibility into all contracts

  • Intuitive search capabilities: via keywords, phrases and related information such as client, vendor, project, expiry date, etc.

  • View contracts in context through any related information such as the customer account in a CRM system, project, employee, etc.

Increased contract security

  • Central storage of contracts minimizes the risk of losing documents or leaking information

  • Control the point in the contract lifecycle where users can access and/or edit files

Compliance with regulatory and contract terms

  • Managed processes reduce compliance risks

  • Minimized business risks with automated notifications about expiration date, a milestone, or an obligation


Automated Approval Workflows

– Set up any approval processes for contracts and other documents

– Create assignments for reviewers and approval requests with notifications

– Make comments and annotations while reviewing, approving or rejecting the contract

– Use electronic signatures

Approval History and Version Tracking

– View approval history with contract versions, participants, actions, approval duration

– Compare contract revisions and track changes

– Full audit trail available

– Roll back to previous versions

Contract Milestones and Obligations

– Set up actions based on a date, a time frame or other criteria

– Set up actions which have to be taken before the contract expires

– Get instantly notified when terms change or expiration date is near

Contract Templates

– Initiate new contracts within seconds with approved templates

– Categorize templates by various criteria

Contract Search

– Search via keywords, phrases and advanced search via related information such as client, project, expiry date, etc.

– View and search contracts in context of the entire business

Dynamic Views

– Find contracts quickly with dynamic views

– Create personal views to instantly access the most used contract types

Mobile and Remote Access

– Access contracts from desktop and laptop, tablet and smartphone

– Full-featured mobile access to approval processes

– Offline access

Data Protection and Permissions

– Control access points in the contract lifecycle with user rights and permissions

– Simple setup and administration

– Active directory support

Integration Capabilities

– Seamless integration with Microsoft Office apps and Office 365

– Save documents immediately in M-Files without leaving the applications

– Integration with core business systems and applications

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