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M-Files Named a Leader in Nucleus Research Content Services and Collaboration Value Matrix 2021

by Maria Pomerantseva, August 4, 2021

M-Files Corporation, the intelligent information management company and a partner of FTS Group, has been named a Leader in the 2021 Nucleus Research Content Services and Collaboration Value Matrix Report for the eighth consecutive year.

M‑Files once again earned the highest recognition in terms of usability and functionality, which is a testament to the company’s visionary approach that enables knowledge workers to access and use content anytime, anywhere, on any device with the user interface of their choice. M-Files scores highest out of 15 vendors across functionality and usability.

“M-Files continues to showcase its dominance in the market through its industry-leading connected content and intelligent automation capabilities,” said Barbara Peck, chief research analyst, Nucleus Research.

“The company’s diverse, flexible set of world-class AI technologies, metadata-driven approach, and ability to provide meaningful context sets the standard for content services and collaboration solutions moving forward. M-Files’ strategic product advancements over the past year reaffirm the platform’s unique attributes and distinction in the marketplace.”

M-Files Named a Leader in Nucleus Research Content Services and Collaboration Value Matrix 2021

CSC Technology Value Matrix 2021, source: Nucleus Research

As a leader, M-Files was recognized for its modern approach to information management. Its platform increases the productivity of knowledge workers by providing powerful tools for search, content lifecycle management, and automated workflows that enable business continuity and reduce risk with enforced governance. With M-Files, companies can digitalize critical business processes and keep information secured and controlled with ease, while simultaneously providing access to common applications such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint and Salesforce.

“At M-Files, we strive to enable a smarter way to work in today’s digital, work from anywhere world,” said Antti Nivala, founder and CEO, M-Files.

“Our recognition as a Leader in Nucleus’ Value Matrix report for the eighth consecutive year is validation of our core differentiation. Our metadata-driven foundation, complemented by our innovative AI technologies, puts content into the right context and offers knowledge workers a single source of truth and seamless collaboration. M-Files provides automation and trackability to business processes which helps organizations dramatically improve performance and deliver best-in-class time to value.”

The Nucleus Value Matrix evaluation is driven by user experience versus analyst opinion. The report highlights the release of M-Files Web, a redesigned user interface built to help end-users adopt the solution more quickly; the release of new cloud infrastructure based on the Microsoft Azure Service Fabric architecture; and the release of M-Files’ signature integration with Adobe Sign to expand electronic signature options for customers and improve embedment in the workflow. Lastly, the report also showcases the company’s acquisition of Hubshare, a digital client experience and collaborative workspace solution, to promote collaboration among internal and external teams.

About M-Files

M-Files is an intelligent information management solution that optimizes performance by ensuring knowledge workers and other staff find the information they need when they need it. The platform ensures regulatory compliance by giving companies control, visibility and flexibility over client documentation. It also simplifies processes, reduces risk and cuts costs of project delivery. With M-Files, knowledge workers can focus on their core work, such as collaborating with customers and meeting obligations and deadlines, all while avoiding costly documentation bottlenecks. The platform ensures information flows with little to no manual effort from employees while eliminating collaboration ailments such as versioning chaos and email attachment mismanagement.

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