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Deltek Legal Solution

Digitalize your firm and get more transparency and control over matters and finances

Short Overview

Built on years of technology advancements, user acceptance, and industry knowledge, Deltek Legal Solution is a modern and intuitive solution that delivers the agility, transparency and control your firm needs to run successfully in the changing times. It helps to implement your digital transformation and change management strategy.

Deltek Legal Solution allows to efficiently control costs, manage resources and maximize company revenue. It integrates the project and financial management processes of your company. The platform provides an opportunity to analyze revenue and profit by company, practice, client, matter, employee as well as monitor and track resource usage of your organization.


Increased business profitability

By getting real-time information about revenue, profits, and resources, you can make better business management decisions based on precise and timely data.

Simplified matter management

Manage more effectively both short-term and long-term projects, where each stage can be considered as a separate matter, with budgeting, planning, time tracking, and billing.

Imporved client service

Meet client requirements in obtaining timely and precise information about the status of matters, project costs and outstanding balances.

Reduced administrative costs

Free lawyers from routine work and allow them to spend their valuable working time on clients' matters.

Optimized resource usage

Project and finance managers can effectively control matter time and expenses to optimize costs and increase the amount of work being billed to clients.

Secure legal document flow

A secure, easy to use and affordable solution for organizing, managing and tracking important documents, information, and processes typical for a legal practice or a law firm.


Client Management

Quickly register and track all contacts between your employees and potential clients.

Time Tracking

Easily enter time sheets from any device with breakdown by employee, matter and task.

Matter Management

Create new matters faster using templates and standard data about clients, attorneys, rates, types of work.

Price Estimation

Manage matter pricing and estimate the time and efforts required to complete client’s tasks.

Matter Planning & Staffing

Plan your work on client matters and allocate employees to matters and tasks based on their skills and workload.

Client Invoicing

Create automatically invoices and detailed reports on the work performed for clients.

Financial Control

Keep a complete track of matter expenses, cash receipts and outstanding invoices.

Document Management

Store and quickly search for any client or matter related documents.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Track performance and monitor KPIs via a complete set of reports and dashboards.

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