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When Is It Time to Replace your ERP System?

by FTS Bulgaria, February 12, 2023

Outdated ERP systems often cannot meet the new requirements of the business environment and the specific goals of the organization itself, which requires change.

While modernizing its business processes, a company may decide to look for more effective ways to manage its business which leads to the start of a choice and a new ERP system. The existence of more and more cloud-based solutions in the ERP market also helps to make a faster and more flexible choice of a system that can be upgraded and follow the company’s development.

Most often, companies decide to replace their ERP system for two reasons. One reason is when a company has undergone various merger or acquisition processes by another company and inherited different and heterogeneous old systems. The most rational choice in this case is to merge all data into one, complete system.

The other reason is when the ERP system is already outdated as functionality. The solution is imperative when the current ERP system is no longer supported, there are too many re-works, or the system infrastructure costs are too high.

Another reason to replace the ERP solution you use is when the functionality of the system is not sufficient to meet the requirements of the company and its plans to develop and/ or enter new markets.

Here are six clear signals that it’s time to replace your ERP system:

    • Accumulation of task performance inefficiencies.
    • Customer requirements cannot be met.
    • The workplace dynamics change – many offices with different locations.
    • Employees are increasingly mobile, the information should follow them and allow them flexibility.
    • You do not have access to up-to-date information at any time.
    • The ERP system you have does not comply with changing regulations.

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