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Process Manufacturing

Stay productive and using power and resources efficiently

The success in process manufacturing often is based on choosing to produce the right products in the right quantities, in the right time with good quality and at the best price.To be able to respond at once to the changing environment and the requirements of the customers –is also key to success. Thus, you must be able to make quick business decisions based on correct real-time data.

But a business application alone is not enough. Due to the large number of individual processes, additional solutions for document management and business intelligence are particularly useful in process manufacturing.It is good to have one trusted partner that can manage the systems and technologies that you need. FTS provides intelligent software solutions to digitally support all aspects of process manufacturing businesses.

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Key challenges

To empower all the decision makers with up-to-date and accurate data, removing difficulties in monitoring KPIs

Increasing demands for quality and flexibility in the production process

Reactive instead of proactive maintenance for asset management

The continuously increasing demands from the customers and the enhancing of the customer service

Drive a proactive, transparent supply chain and maintain the right inventory levels

Who is this for?

Food and beverages producers

Tobacco products producers

Medicines and other pharmaceutical products producers

Paper and pulp producers

Specialty chemicals producers

Plastic products producers

Metal fabrication producers


Higher transparency in all business processes

Co-product and by-product planning and management

Recipe and formula management

Monitoring of all the activities in the warehouse

Quality management and quality control

Lot traceability and product serialization

First expired/first out (FEFO) and shelf life inventory management

• Optimization of the stock inventory and the customer satisfaction rate

Substantial improvement of your company success

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