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Local Roll-outs

All roll-outs are not equal. The optimal strategy is unique to your organization and local conditions. Each rollout requires a unique strategy. Regional distinctions such as language, law, culture and ways of doing business can all throw a spanner in the works.
A successful deployment requires unique know-how which can only be gained by having previously met and addressed the potential pitfalls.
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Our consultants and technical architects have more than 25 years experience across Europe, working independently or cooperating with other Microsoft partners.

We have accumulated a wealth of process and solution know-how with Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations. Based in offices in Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine, our teams have established expertise and local knowledge of central and eastern European markets.

For Microsoft Dynamics rollout services in Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, FTS provides:

  • Support for all phases of the rollout
  • Comprehensive project management
  • A methodology of proven efficiency
  • A personal service tailored to unique client requirements
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Why to choose FTS


We have more than 25 years experience and expertise in adapting leading technology solutions to accelerate the business growth of our customers.


We are a trusted partner and create relationships that make a huge positive difference in our customers’ lives.


We work only with the leading and high-quality business applications based on the cutting-edge technologies.


In this world of rapid change, we strive to be an early technology adopter, so that we can provide the best solutions for the success of our customers.

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