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Take your distribution operations to the next level

Wholesale traditionally makes up the bulk of all trade. Our solutions make it easier for distribution and wholesale companies to handle a broader product mix, and to meet increasingly sophisticated demands from customers and suppliers.

FTS has many years of experience in helping distribution companies be more successful. What we offer is based on a clear methodology, on detailed knowledge of the processes in the industry.

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Key challenges

To ensure that all business resources and operations are optimally aligned with demand.

To rely on real time inventory data to drive proactive, responsive sales operations, make good purchasing decisions, and minimize inventory costs.

To improve coordination with suppliers and customers

The continuously increasing demands from the customers and the enhancing of the customer service

Who is this for?

Food and beverage distributors

Distributors of consumer electronics

Distributors of toys and baby goods

Distributors of cosmetics


Maximum automation of the process of receiving requests, allocating the courses over the different stores

Improved planning of the supplies and the waste packaging

Management of a variety of different campaigns, promotions and discounts

Reducing the inventories in the warehouse which have lower turnovers, optimization of the warehouse activities

Flexible pricing and analyses of the results from marketing campaigns and promotions

Fast generation of different reports and analysis

Reporting and BI by warehouse, by manufacturer, by product line

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