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M-Files for Legal Departments

Automate legal department management

Short Overview

Automate Routine Tasks of Lawyers

The legal department protects the interests of the company and works to maintain and increase its value. For the effective operation, a well-developed structure of departments is important, as well as well-tuned tools for automating everyday tasks of lawyers and for communication between departments.

Every day, the company’s lawyers work with different documents: claims, lawsuits, contracts, powers of attorney, licenses, statutory and permit documents.  Processing and approval of documents, search for information and coordination between departments require a lot of time and labor. If the company lacks an information management solution, lawyers will start using an unauthorized storage and personal file sharing tools, which can result in leaking sensitive information, communication failures, and missed deadlines.

M-Files helps to classify all types of documents, set up a quick search and launch an efficient approval workflow.  With the system, legal departments can improve document management and meet deadlines, coordinate document exchange and communication between departments and teams, set up quick search for documents and files, speed up and simplify operational activities using artificial intelligence.

Benefits for Business

Simplified document lifecycle management

M-Files simplifies the document editing process with dynamic templates and versioning.

Increased speed of preparing documents

Document routing workflows make review and approval more transparent and faster.

Simplified in-house consulting

Lawyers can share to colleagues an internal link to documents, regulations, templates, knowledge base, saving time for consulting and without breaches of the enterprise security.

Simplified document accounting and archiving

It is easy to organize an electronic document storage in the M-Files system and set up procedures for working with archival documents.

Simplified control over the work of lawyers

Heads of departments can distribute tasks between lawyers, track the status of completion, manage notifications and reminders, analyze the workload and results of employees based on the M-Files.

Improved data security

M-Files provides settings for content access control, audit trails, multifactor authentication, encryption, key management, data loss prevention.


Documents approval

You can set up contract approval routes without the help of IT specialists. When the contract expires, the system sends automatic notifications.

Document management

If the lawyer always works with the current version of the document, it speeds up the processes. Quick search allows you to search for information by keywords and document properties.

Information management

For the experience of the legal department to be useful, knowledge and previous results must be kept. It will become easier to get an answer to a question if you organize legal opinions, notes and case studies into categories.

Project management

Lawyers can quickly start a project using templates with a ready list of typical tasks, mark responsible persons and deadlines, and attach project documents.

Real estate management

In the system, all assets owned or operated by the company are connected and automatically classified by object. The tasks of lawyers are captured in the cards of real estate objects. Lawyers will not miss new statuses or expiration dates for leases and insurances.

Legal analytics management

You can track important indicators of the work of lawyers from any device if you set up analytical reports and dashboards.

Organization of remote work

The M-Files solution provides secure remote access to documents from any device. Lawyers get round-the-clock access to information, and processes in departments become more flexible and mobile without losing productivity.

Task Management

The head of a group or department can set tasks, monitor the implementation, see statuses, deadlines, replacement of responsible persons in case of illness, set up and receive the necessary notifications and reminders.

Document exchange and communication

In the system, you can set up convenient coordination of contracts, claims and other types of documents both within the department and between departments. A lawyer can receive a draft of an outgoing contract from the sales department for verification, check and start the approval process between departments.

Organize effective work of your legal department!

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