M-Files TMS - FTS

M-Files TMS

Get full control over tasks and due dates!

Short Overview

M-Files for Task Management has been designed to organize the timely completion of tasks and assignments and manage these processes.

The solution has been developed based on the innovative enterprise information management platform. It allows you to effectively manage tasks and motivate staff to complete tasks on time. You can use the system as a single corporate environment to account for all tasks and related information (documents and other types of information).

M-Files TMS allows you to link tasks to projects and automatically assign tasks when performing certain business processes.


Operational task management

Involved personnel in solving and setting tasks

Workload planning based on statistics

Increased transparency

Tasks connected to business processes


Grouping and sorting tasks

Assigning tasks of different types

Traceable delegation history

Automatic task status change

Adding documents to tasks

Advanced search by metadata and context

Registration of time spent

Tracking progress

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