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M-Files for HR Management

Get single access to HR data and processes

Short Overview

M-Files solution for Human Resources Management helps manage all documents and data on the company’s personnel. It is a simple and flexible tool that can be customized for all HR tasks and processes.

The M-Files HRM system allows you to quickly and easily create, fill out and display for viewing various types of standard documents, such as employment order, travel authorization, certificate of professional development, etc.

It saves time for HR employees managing personnel records; provides flexible options for managing and planning training, attestation, certification and staff development.

M-Files solutions are available both for local deployment based on Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server technologies, and on reliable, scalable cloud services running on Windows Azure.

Benefits for Business

All personnel data and documents in one place

Maintaining separate cards for each employee with qualification documents, resumes, portfolios, information on the terms of employment, etc. allows you to track the development of employees' potential.

Unified information storage

Personnel information is stored centrally and is available to company employees depending on the configured roles.

Automated workflows

You can create automatic workflows for coordination of candidates during hiring and dismissal. In the system, you can collect development programs, control over trainings, and certifications; and track the achievements of employees.

Increased data security

Personal data of employees are under protection, with different access levels to the system and control of document revision.

Eased daily work for users

The familiar working interface, as in Windows Explorer, allows easy on-boarding and daily usage for employees. Integration with MS Office applications allows you to save and retrieve documents from storage directly without switching between the applications.

Flexible settings

Users can add attributes (metadata) to documents for better search, classification and retrieval, and organize the file management system according to personal requirements.

Quick document search

Employees do not waste time searching for the necessary personnel documents.


Creating and editing of files and documents

You can create, edit and change personnel files and documents on current and future employees. All HR-related documents will be structured, tagged, and classified.

Competence model

HR managers can develop a competency model with brief descriptions of requirements for each position within the organization and use it as an evaluation tool.


You can conduct and manage competence assessments for individual employees.

Employee development

Managers can plan employee training based on their experience, skills, and career preferences.

Workflow automation

You can create workflows for a variety of processes and automate hiring, dismissal, applying for a vacancy, on-boarding, personal assessment etc.

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