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Optimize your activities and get a unified access to all transportation, settlements and finance. Navitrans leads the road to your success.

Short Overview

Navitrans is a complete administrative software system for transport, forwarding and logistic companies based on the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics Business Central / former NAV/ and developed by Young and Partners (Belgium).

It offers all the necessary functions for maintenance of tariff tables and price agreements for customers as well as subcontractors, quote maintenance and simulation, order entry functions for different types of transport, grouping and ungrouping functions, planning functions, functions for different warehouse activities, invoicing, financial administration, etc.


NaviTrans is a scalable, flexible and configurable software suite for Logistic Service Providers of all kinds and sizes.

With hundreds of logistic service providers, that rely on Navitrans to control their business, it is has developed into the most complete out-of-the-box solution in the market today. The best practice processes of many top logistic companies have become a standard in today’s solution.

It allows you to take control over the complete administrative flow of your operations and — possibly even more important— also of the revenues and costs of these activities.

Navitrans is developed on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Business Central is the successor to Dynamics NAV and Navision, and is an all-in-one business management solution (ERP) that's easy to use and adapt.

As it contains more than 20 years of logistic know-how, NaviTrans is functionally rich with proven industry best practice processes.

Navitrans is 100% designed for the logistic industry. Through flexible configuration, Navitrans easily adapts to your business needs without tailoring. A personalized work environment for people with different responsibilities in your organization drives productivity and an abundance of features and functions enable everyone in your organization to organize their work in the most efficient way.

Seamless integration with other Microsoft products and a familiar look and feel are some of the additional benefits of the Dynamics Business Central NAV platform.

Its open standard allows interfacing with third-party software and devices such as onboard computers, fuel control systems, scanning devices, access control systems, map software, etc.

NaviTrans will improve your efficiency and enable you to drive down costs while enhancing service levels, enabling you to meet or even exceed the ever increasing requirements of your customers.


Navitrans Transport

With extensive and easy-to-use functions for all types of road transportation, Navitrans Transport paves the road to your success. It helps you connect your business, take smart decisions, deliver your customers the service they expect and grow without worries. Transport orders are quickly registered in Navitrans, either fully automatic or manually using the flexible input screens. Users that are responsible for manual input save minutes per day by aligning the screen setup 100% to their specific needs.

Navitrans Forwarding

Whether it concerns ocean freight, air freight, transport by road or by rail, Navitrans allows you to deliver your customers the speed and flexibility they expect. The heart of Navitrans is the digital file, in which all information is registered, costs and revenues are calculated and documents are produced. Integrated workflow and procedure checks reduce errors and improve service.

Navitrans Warehousing

Navitrans allows you to deliver your customers the flexibility, speed and transparency they expect. Inbound and outbound orders are registered through EDI, online or by your own staff. Depending on customer needs, you deliver FIFO, FEFO, LIFO and handle batch or serial numbers.

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