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What features within your transportation management system are essential for logistics – based on Navitrans

by Maria Pomerantseva, May 5, 2021

To thrive in the transportation industry, managers need the tools to deal with the everyday struggles that come with the business. In an industry so competitive, with pressure on margins and fickle customer loyalty, transport managers need the right system to meet these challenges.

With the right tools at their disposal, transport managers can make more informed decisions and deliver a superior service to their customers.

Let us look at what the right transport management software can accomplish.

Accounting solution within your TMS

Where the average Transport Management System provides functionalities from transport order to invoice, Navitrans also includes a complete accounting solution and rich functionality for commercial people to follow up on contacts and offers.

Price agreements

You can calculate all internal and external costs in every detail and always offer your most competitive prices to the customer. Agreed prices are stored within the system and are visible to everyone in your organisation.

Agreed prices and budgeted costs are calculated immediately and displayed on the screen so you can see the cost/win-balance of every shipment upon registration.

Transport orders registration

Transport orders are quickly registered in Navitrans, either fully automated through EDI, by the customer online or manually by your own staff. Users that are responsible for manual input can save minutes per day through the flexible input screen that align 100% to their specific needs and habits.


With a wide variety of planning tools, Navitrans easily adapts to your organization and your way of planning. You can choose which information you want to view and how you want it sorted and filtered.

Colour coding

Timelines, colour codes and maps support planning professionals to perform their daily routines in the most efficient way. NaviTrans calculates time, distance, toll, and CO2 emissions automatically, allowing planners to view the impact of their choices immediately.

Trip information exchange with drivers or subcontractors

With Navitrans, you can electronically send and receive trip information to drivers or subcontractors. Drivers can start and stop tasks, fill in shipment information, and report anomalies, all from their smartphone. They can also add pictures and receive signatures on glass.

Navitrans shows the real-time track and traces information and numerous functions like hook-off/ hook-on, splitting or regrouping, which gives you full control over trips in execution. Integrated alerts keep you informed on expected delays or unforeseen events.

Once trips are executed, all relevant tariffs and price agreements, including surcharges and waiting time are automatically applied. CMR’s or POD’s with QR codes can automatically be assigned to trips or files. Documents without barcodes can easily be dragged and dropped manually.

Typically, Navitrans accelerates the process of preparing and invoicing files with several days: Invoices, including all relevant transport documents like CMR’s or POD’s, can be produced in batch and printed or emailed with only a few mouse clicks.

Efficient accounting document management

Navitrans Document Management with OCR recognition reduces the time to check purchase invoices to an absolute minimum.

The integrated accounting solution contains all necessary options and tools to set up a company and its bookings. It allows you to control the lifecycle of your fixed assets to maximize the value of your business investments. You can manage the collection process of overdue accounts to increase your cash flow.

Data management and analytics

The system’s integrated data with powerful analysis allows you to spend less time and effort on administration, providing access to the information you need to make better strategic, tactical, and operational decisions. You gain greater insight into your organization and identify trends early on.

In a market where customer demands are always increasing, being able to deliver business-critical information will not only improve customer loyalty but may also allow you to attract new opportunities.

About Navitrans

Navitrans is the most complete out-of-the-box logistics software on the market today, with extensive and easy-to-use functions for road transportation, sea and air freight, intermodal transport, and public warehousing. It is developed on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and available on-premise or as a hosted solution. Navitrans functionality allows you to manage sales and process customer orders; manage transportation and vehicles; automate settlements with clients and agents; plan and manage company finances. The solution manages all types of transport (auto, railway, air, river and sea transport) and has been successfully implemented in 300 companies in 15 countries.

Know more about the benefits of Navitrans for your logistics business

Adapted based on materials of navitrans.eu: https://www.navitrans.eu/en/news/dont-overlook-these-key-features-within-your-transportation-management-system

Source photo: Nick Fewings, unsplash.com

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