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How NTZ Transport Develops Intelligent Logistics Solutions together with FTS

by FTS Bulgaria, October 19, 2022

The 10th anniversary  edition of the Logistics Business Conference, organized by LOGISTIKA magazine and Bulgarian Transport Press, generated enhanced interest from both customers and partners. Traditionally, the conference was held at the Sofia Event Center (SEC).

About the conference

The topic of the 10th anniversary edition was Supply Chain: Bold Solutions. The conference consisted of four consecutive panels. In the third panel focused on NEXT GENERATION LOGISTICS: FAST AND CONNECTED IN A GLOBAL WORLD, Todor Kanchev, Product Manager, FTS Bulgaria and Silvia Ilieva, Operations Director, NTZ Transport lectured on how to Optimize the present and manage the future with Navitrans 365. How NTZ develops intelligent logistics solutions together with FTS.

About the lecturers

Todor Kanchev is a Product Manager at FTS Bulgaria. Since he started working for FTS, he has been implementing Navitrans – a complete administrative software system for transport, forwarding and logistic companies. After nearly 15 years in the field, he admits that it is exceptional pleasure and challenge for him to learn about product innovations and trends on the market, as well as the added value they can bring to the companies he works with.

Silvia Ilieva is an Operations Director at NTZ Transport. Starting as an Office Manager and building up experience on good practices as a Business Development Director, Silvia Ilieva took up the challenge of standing in her current position after Navitrans was successfully implemented as the main operating software in the company. She is convinced that people and their unique qualities, if developed correctly, are the greatest asset in business.

The joint project of FTS and NTZ Transport

In the course of the lecture, it was shown how the solution proposed by FTS to NTZ Transport – Navitrans – has completely optimized the operating processes in the transport company.

At the beginning of the presentation, Silvia from NTZ talked about the challenges the company encountered before Navitrans was implemented and how the software used at the time turned out to be insufficient and inadequate and couldn’t cover the whole set of the company’s processes.

Key element influencing the choice of NaviTrans was the  option for upgrade of the solution with a BI system, as well as the option for automated accounting of income and expense documents.

“With the implementation of Navitrans, we have taken the first significant step towards digitalisation, and we believe that this is the right way to go, but without going to extremes. We will try to maintain a balance between traditional and digital logistics, relying both on technology and the human factor.” – Silvia Ilieva, NTZ Transport.

About Navitrans

The product is based on Microsoft’s ERP system Dynamics 365 Business Central. As such, it has built-in integration with the other products of the Microsoft family – Office 365, Power BI, Power Apps and Microsoft Flow, allowing it to be upgraded with additional applications.

Find more about Navitrans HERE.


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