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How consulting firms win

Consulting firm management is a challenging game. Whether you operate as a solo practitioner, work as part of a small team of niche specialists or manage a key function of a larger consulting business, you face a common set of challenges as you seek to evolve or grow your business. 

In this definitive playbook from Deltek, the FTS Group partner, you will find the complete action plan for exceptional project delivery, growth, profitability and talent development.

You will find information on how to: 

  • ensure growth for your firm in either size or quality and scope of services provided;
  • find the top talent you need to win and deliver successful projects;
  • onboard talent, keep people engaged and prevent attrition;
  • manage changes in project scope, resource demand and availability;
  • know you are focused on the right projects and ensure they are profitable;
  • spend less time tracking down the data you need to make timely decisions;
  • provide visibility into accurate firm data so you can rely on it as a single source of truth.

But before all of that, you must develop a reliable picture of where you currently stand and where you need to collectively go.

Download the playbook and get new insights into your company growth.

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